Monthly Archives: June 2011

Status and Stats

Hip hip hooray! There’s less of my hips to hooray about!!

I started working with a personal trainer about 4 weeks ago. I can tell already I am going to have a very love-hate relationship with my kettlebell. Let’s just say that there are very personal areas of my body that are very angry with me this morning. But, tough shit for my gluts and hamstrings, because we’re doing this particular workout 2 more times this week!

As part of keeping track of my progress on this here journey, I took my measurements. I measured my neck, bust, chest, right bicep, waist, hips, thighs and right calf. And while I’m not prepared to share what those measurements ARE, I can happily report that in the last 26 days I’ve lost a total of 3.75 inches combined from the above locations – including a full inch from my thighs and half an inch from my bicep. And, none of my measurements went up. The dreaded scale hasn’t moved much, so these numbers are a much needed boost and definitely are encouragement to keep up the hard work and to continue to make each decision a good one…one that nourishes me and my body! I just keep asking myself, what’s more stressful? Not eating that second brownie? Or struggling to lose weight? Getting up and moving? Or not being able to fit into clothes at most mainstream stores? I know what my answer is!

I’m going to measure every 4 weeks and keep posting the results.


Breaking the cycle

Everyone has a tipping point. The point where they’ve had enough and things have to change or they’re going to lose it. Whether it’s with the kids, their spouse, their job or themselves – something, somewhere pushes you over the edge into action.

This is the story of MY tipping point with myself.

I am D O N E with fighting my weight. Both my parents are significantly overweight and face the whole host of health problems associated with carrying way too much weight for most of their lives. I’ve been yo-yoing with my own weight since I was a teenager (so for roughly the last 15 years) and have really struggled with it since my first bouncing boy came into my life 3 years ago. I never lost 20 pounds from him and then we were blessed with a second child just 8 weeks ago.


I am 5’5″ and currently 209 lbs.

And I am done with this shit.


I heard a quote once that “when the pain of the current situation is greater than the pain of change, that’s when you’ll be motivated to make those changes.” Well, friends, here I am. I’m done with not wearing the flirty skirts and dresses that I love because my thighs rub together. I’m done with not being able to buy short-sleeved blouses because my arms are too flabby to fit into them. I’m done with being embarrassed about my body. I’m DONE because I want to be active in my 60s. I’m done because I want to play soccer with my sons and race them to the playground. I’m done because I have enough to occupy my time and suck up my energy without worrying about this crap, so I’m going to change it. NOW.


You’re welcome to join me on my journey to finding the healthy, happy woman I know is lurking inside.